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Fault Loop Impedance Meter

Index cat. WMGBMZC306

ean 5907624021273

Ingress protection: IP 54

Measurement category: CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V

Data transmission: USB

Display: monochrome, backlit, segmented

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Lightweight and professional fault loop meter

Owing to a wide range of operating voltages, the professional meter Sonel MZC-306 enables measurements in various types of networks. The device is invaluable for a variety of electrical work in low-voltage areas, such as homes and buildings, public facilities, small workshops and small factories.

The resolution of the measurement result is 0.01 Ω - also when performing measurements in networks protected by RCD circuit breakers. The casing of the MZC-306 meter is made in IP54 protection degree, which ensures its resistance to mechanical damage. The cover of the device can be set in several positions, which enables easy and comfortable transport and use of the device.


  • Fault loop impedance measurement with 0.01Ω resolution
  • Low-current impedance measurement in circuits protected by RCD ≥ 30mA with 0.01 Ω resolution (100…440 V)
  • Operates in networks with voltages 110/190 V, 115/200 V, 127/220 V, 220/380 V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V, 290/500 V and 400/690 V (operating range 100…750 V)
  • Operating frequency 45…65 Hz
  • Calculation of fault current
  • Automatic differentiation between phase and phase-to-phase voltage
  • Possibility of applying 1.2, 5, 10, 20 m test leads or an adapter terminated by a power network plug
  • Measurement with swapped L and N conductors
  • Measurement of resistance (RS) and reactance (XS) components

Additionally features

  • Contact electrode - quick testing of proper connection of PE conductor.
  • Voltage measurement 0...750 V AC (0...250 V with resolution of 0,1 V).
  • Memory of 990 measurement results, ability to transfer the data to a PC via USB.
  • Power supply: batteries (4 x LR14) or rechargeable batteries.


This instrument is irreplaceable for all kind of electrical works, especially in situations where there is a need to check the circuits under voltage of 400/690 V. The meter is used for tests in homes, apartment blocks, public buildings, small workshops or factories and even at wind farms.

The meter is a perfect tool for testing systems, where fault currents may reach 5.3 kA (measured according to EN 61557).