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Corona Camera

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Corona Camera

Index cat. WMGBUV260

UV cameras

UV cameras are distinguished by flawless operation in the field of detection of corona, arcing and surface discharges in the power industry. Thanks to their versatile functions and high UV sensitivity, they enable ongoing analysis of the technical condition of devices. In this way, they can prevent damage and more serious failures.

Sonel corona, arc and surface discharge cameras

Sonel UV cameras are advanced devices in which high quality and functionality go hand in hand with low weight and intuitive operation. Thanks to this, these devices are easy to use and can be easily used not only by professionals, but also by novice users. Sonel ultraviolet cameras are equipped with modern imaging systems and extremely sensitive UV detectors, which allows you to observe and record the image in both visible and UV light. The automatic noise reduction function and automatic focus for UV and visible image allow for effective diagnosis of installations without interfering with their operation. The image obtained during the examination can be saved as a photo or video. The PC program included in the set allows you to transfer the collected data and create reports.

Reliable ultraviolet cameras for special tasks

Sonel UV cameras perform well even when testing complex systems such as power lines. Using the built-in GPS receiver, the device records the location of the photo or video taken, which makes it easier to find the tested element.

The use of innovative solutions and useful functions allowed Sonel to create advanced devices that combine high functionality, precision and ease of use. UV cameras are also ready for operation in full daylight, as they are neutral to sunlight.

Professional measuring devices with advanced functions

Our store has an extensive range of reliable measuring devices from the leading manufacturer on the Polish market - Sonel. We provide a wide range of products aimed at representatives of the electrical and industrial sectors.

The Sonel company has been proving for years that it is an undisputed specialist in the field of professional measuring devices. In its products, Sonel combines an innovative approach, a wide range of functions and modern technologies, which translates into the reliability and versatility of the devices developed by this brand. Responding to the needs of customers, Sonel is constantly working on improving its products.

If you focus on the highest quality and are looking for tools that guarantee long-term reliability, Sonel measuring devices are a good choice. We encourage you to take advantage of the wide offer of our store!