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4 products

USB HASP for Sonel software

USB HASP for Sonel software

Index cat. WAADAKEY1

60 180,00 ₹


Delivery: up to 13 days

Sonel Reports Plus

Software supports creation of documentation



572 300,00 ₹


Delivery: up to 6 days

Sonel PAT Analysis

Software for PAT meters


513 300,00 ₹


Delivery: up to 13 days

Sonel LKZ Mobile

Mobile app for LKD-2500 detector


Sonel Software

Aside from offering a wide range of measuring devices for professional use, Sonel is also the author of professional software designed to meet the needs of installers, electricians and those performing electrical measurements. In this category, we present a full range of specialized software from Sonel, working with the brand's devices. The offer includes, among others, a program for creating protocols, for creating plans and diagrams, a program for PAT series devices, as well as a program for documentation of lighting tests.

With the help of specialized software from Sonel, the preparation of complex documentation can proceed more efficiently, effectively and smoothly. Sonel's professional measurement programs work with the same manufacturer's devices, making it possible, for example, to transfer current data.


Sonel protocol programs

One of the most powerful tools in this category is the Sonel PE6 protocol program. It is a modern software with an extensive database of protections and measurement points and a wide range of functions. Among other things, the program allows you to calculate the measurements made, print invoices, insert photos and drawings into protocols. The product presented in our offer is the latest version of this popular program for making documentation of measurements.


Programs for Sonel PAT meters

Sonel PAT Analysis is one of the latest offerings from Sonel's software portfolio. The program was developed to meet the needs of all users who are involved in safety testing of electrical equipment. It works with Sonel PAT series meters, allowing easy transfer of data stored in the device. The functional Sonel Pat Analysis program reads, analyzes and archives test results, as well as keeps track of the measurement history of all stored devices. It allows easy preparation of reports according to current standards.


Comprehensive Sonel software for professionals

Professional software for Sonel meters is designed for easy and trouble-free communication with measuring devices and more efficient preparation of documents in accordance with current standards. The comprehensive software is aimed at users in the electrical and industrial sectors, as well as those specializing in electrical measurements.


Innovative solutions for specialized industries

In the online store, we have a comprehensive offer of measuring devices together with dedicated software. A full range of specialized products will match the expectations of users from many industries. Familiarize yourself with the wide assortment of our store and choose reliable devices that will work best in your industry!