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23 products



23 products


Transmitting clamp (Φ=52 mm, incl. 2-wire cable)

Index cat. WACEGN1BB

117 863,12 ₹



Current clamp (Φ=52 mm)

Index cat. WACEGC3OKR

75 260,40 ₹


C-3 + N-1

Current clamp (Φ=52 mm) + Transmitting clamp (Φ=52 mm, incl. 2-wire cable)

Index cat. WAKPLC3N1


Current clamp (Φ=52 mm) 1000 A AC

Index cat. WACEGC4AOKR

168 376,56 ₹



Current clamp (Φ=39 mm) 1000 A AC

Index cat. WACEGC5AOKR

119 904,52 ₹



Current clamp (Φ=20 mm) 10 A AC

Index cat. WACEGC6AOKR

114 292,44 ₹



Current clamp (Φ=24 mm) 100 A AC

Index cat. WACEGC7AOKR

131 640,80 ₹



Current clamp (Φ=52 mm)

Index cat. WASONCEGC8

84 188,28 ₹



Flexible coil (Φ=360 mm)

Index cat. WACEGF1AOKR

150 008,68 ₹



Flexible clamp (Φ=360 mm)

Index cat. WACEGF1A1OKR

142 864,96 ₹


Sonel measuring clamps

Each representative of the electrical industry should be equipped with practical measuring clamps. They belong to the group of necessary accessories that facilitate the measurement of installation parameters, especially in those areas where access is difficult. In our store you will find a wide range of measuring clamps that are used in many areas related to electricity and energy. We offer Sonel clamps of various types that will adapt to the specific needs of each user.

Reliable Sonel clamps

In the online store, we make sure to provide a wide range of products targeted at professionals in the electrical industry. You can find high-quality hard clamps as well as flexible clamps with a wide range of applications. Based on a very durable and durable structure, Sonel measuring clamps perfectly fulfill their task, ensuring full functionality of the measuring device. Sonel clamps are characterized by careful workmanship, thanks to which they can be used for a long time without losing their valuable properties. In combination with Sonel analyzers or meters, they form a reliable set that allows for precise monitoring and measurement of parameters of a given installation or network.

All types of measuring clamps of excellent quality

Hard clamps, flexible clamps and other Sonel clamps are quality that will be appreciated by every professional. Bearing in mind the diverse needs of its customers, Sonel has prepared an extensive offer of clamps for various measuring instruments intended for professional use. The measuring clamps with various parameters will adapt to the specific expectations of each customer, surprisingly with their exceptional durability. Products in this category meet the required standards for the safety of measuring devices.

Proven quality for the broadly understood electrical industry

From the very beginning, Sonel has gained the opinion of a manufacturer who cares about high quality and precise execution of each product. The company's offer is constantly expanding, offering technologically advanced measuring equipment for electricians. In our store you will find a complete range of Sonel, which includes modern measuring devices and high-quality accessories that increase their functionality. We are the official store of Sonel S.A., thanks to which we provide not only a wide range, but also the best prices on the market. Our offer is addressed to electricians, installers, measurement specialists, as well as other representatives of the electrical and energy industry who are looking for the highest-class measuring instruments. You too can take advantage of the unique offer of the online store and learn about the wide possibilities of Sonel measuring equipment!

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